Leadership Team - Management and Board

Board of Directors

Eyerly Ball is a nonprofit, community-based organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is a diverse group of community members representing business, industry, legal/justice system, providers, and more.


2016-2017 Board Officers

Andy Boettger          President

E. J. Giovannetti      Vice-President

John Roehrick          Secretary

Susan Brindle          Treasurer


2016-2017 Board Members

Beth Cross

Randy Davis

Ardene Downing

Corrine Ganske

Steve Roberts

Pat Schneider

Terry Slinde


Foundation Board of Directors


2016-2017 Board Officers

John Schmidt          President

Pat Schneider         Vice-President

John Roehrick         Secretary

Paul Tyler                Treasurer


2016-2017 Board Members

Andy Boettger

E. J. Giovannetti

Earl Kelly

Loretta Sieman

Ron Stehl


Senior Management Team

Management, leadership, and operational oversight is provided by Eyerly Ball's Senior Management Team:


Chief Executive Officer -- Cynthia Steidl Bishop

Director, Outpatient Clinics -- Megan Maher

Director, Human Resources -- Rebecca Parker

Director, Information Technology -- Terri Dorothy

Director, Integrated Health Home -- Stephanie Schmidt

Director, Outreach Services -- Heather Johannsen